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Featured Stories

Coffee Spoons
Graham Peterson found it difficult to make ends meet. One day, however, the loose ends of his life came together in a wholly unexpected manner.

Opus Magma
When you have a magma emergency on your hands, you gotta do what you gotta do.

The Poppies
Paying tribute to her dead husband, Sarah is overwhelmed by the scale of tragedy.

Death, Who is the Key
Sara has reached a point of desperation in her life, as her master dies. Is there no escape?

The Fire Workers
Dorian was afraid of the big bully Martel. But the events of that day changed everything.

Not All Those Who Wander
Marian and her husband Rob were on their way home. But it took a lot longer than they expected.

Baker was tormented by the knowledge that his twin brother was a success and he was a failure.

Good Tidings
An unexpected gift arrives for the weary shop assistants during the Christmas sales.

The Doll
Hattie was determined to have her revenge. With the help of an ancient technology.