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riddling David Grigg has recently published The Riddling, another collection of his short stories. Available in both print and ebook formats.Click here for more information.

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Featured Stories

The Riddling
New short story collection from David Grigg

Hacked By Unknown
Katja was late for her tutorial. What she didn't know until later is that she was also going the wrong way.

Up in the Air
In the air, your troubles melt away.

The Teeth of the Sea
Back when I was young, all I knew was the sea was something I hated. Now I know that the sea is alive, awake, and *evil*.

Each year, the warnings had come earlier, the danger more severe. Warnings which had been ignored.

A Crown of Feathers
Sometimes one has to tread carefully when encountering someone from an unfamiliar culture.

Not Drowning
Her head beneath the water, Elise could only hear distant sounds, sounds stripped of all emotion.

Coffee Spoons
Graham Peterson found it difficult to make ends meet. One day, however, the loose ends of his life came together in a wholly unexpected manner.