Episode 33: Translations, transforms and traumas

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David and Perry discuss the ConNZealand convention and the 2020 Hugo Awards and then take the Hugo Time Machine back to the very interesting year of 1963.

  • A state of disaster (01:42)
  • ConNZealand 2020 (12:55)
  • Hugo Time Machine~1963 (01:15)
  • Novels Hugos 1963 (36:27)
  • Short Fiction Hugos 1963 (29:40)
    • Myrrha by Gary Jenkins (04:42)
    • Where is the Bird of Fire by Thomas Burnett Swann (03:32)
    • When You Care, When You Love by Theodore Sturgeon (07:39)
    • The Unholy Grail by Fritz Leiber (02:00)
    • The Dragon Masters by Jack Vance (08:08)
    • Other possible short fiction nominees Hugos 1963 (01:14)
    • Other 1963 Hugos (02:19)
  • Wind-up (00:48)

Photo of fox by Alex Andrews and photo of woman by Caio from Pexels.

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