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I spent much of my working life writing software rather than writing words, though I did a lot of that, too.

When I was developing software, working with others who were also writing code, we often talked about ‘scaffolding’. By this we meant writing some initial code which we knew would ultimately be thrown away, but which set us up to be in a position to write the final code. Just as building workers might construct a scaffold which will eventually be dismantled, but which will allow them to complete the actual building.
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Now available for iBooks

My novel “The Fallen Sun” is now available in Apple’s iBooks Store!

Don’t forget that ebook stores like the iBooks store, the Kindle store, the Kobo store and even Smashwords let you download a generous sample/preview of the book for free. You can start reading the book and see what you think, before you commit one cent of money.

What have you got to lose? I’m betting that by the time you’ve finished the sample you’ll be hooked!

Knowing when to stop

“I never stop writing a book; I just stop typing it.”

― Attributed to Ernest Hemingway

Knowing when to stop is a very important part of writing. Stop typing, stop editing, stop fiddling. It’s probably true to say that no artist is ever completely satisfied with the work they have created. But there has to come a point where you lay down the brush or the chisel, or you step away from the keyboard. Your work may not be perfect, but it is as perfect as you can make it within the constraints you face; and one of those constraints is time. Life is short; art is long. You have to choose a stopping point.

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Now that my novel is finally released, I’m obviously doing my best to get it out there and have people read it. That’s going to be a long, probably up-hill battle, as it is for many authors, traditionally published or not.

Because I am now retired and on a pension, I at least have the luxury of not needing the income from selling books to make a living. But that’s also true of many, many writers who have ‘day jobs’. Very few writers ever make enough money from their writing to live off the proceeds, and that’s been true forever, I think. Some do, of course, and some succeed spectacularly, like J. K. Rowling or Stephen King. These people, however, are in a tiny minority.

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Great new review

Jyoti Dahiya just posted an enthusiastic review on Goodreads. Thanks, Jyoti!

The Fallen Sun by David R. Grigg

…. well plotted sci fi with a fast pace, mindbending worldbuilding, a carefully realised culture, wicked but human villains, a plot with plenty of twists, and whatever else you could want in a sci fi adventure of the very far future. All the while, David Grigg slowly pulls the world itself into sharper and sharper focus. Like any good sci fi, the world itself is a character. … There are plenty of wow moments as you realise what is really going on. The familiar becomes strange, and the strange becomes familiar as the book goes on. The characters grow upon you, and their flaws become endearing. By the time they are fully tangled in the web of deceit, you’re rooting for them all the way, and turning pages frantically to find out: what next??

… had me spellbound–it blew my socks off, and I grudged my eating and sleeping time.

Jyoti Dahiya, 12 September 2018

Full review on Goodreads

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