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The Book Launch

My SF novel The Fallen Sun was formally launched at a small event in Melbourne last Sunday.

Photo courtesy Jean Weber

I gave a brief speech and did a short reading from the novel. It all seemed to go over well, and I then sold and signed quite a few books. I’m looking forward to hearing the reaction and hoping for some more good reviews!


It’s a competitive world out there, in every field. Perhaps nowhere more so than in the marketplace for books. There are now many thousands of new titles being published every year. How is the poor new author, particularly the self-published author, to get attention for their book? How do you gain traction, in other words?

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Unfit Magazine #1 Now Out

Just out, a new magazine edited by Daniel Scott White, called “Unfit Magazine”. The title is based on the concept of publishing stories that don’t fit the norm. Daniel has managed to get some very high profile authors to contribute, such as David Brin, Robert Silverberg and Emily Davenport. Oh, and I’m in there, too.

It’s available in paperback on Amazon here (ebook available for pre-order here). More information on Daniel’s website here.

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