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Finding the right tools – Part 3

This is the third in a series of posts about tools I find useful for writing fiction. And a lot of reminiscences!

Structural Software

By “structural software” I mean those applications which are designed specifically to help writers. They are more specific in their aims than general purpose tools like word processors.
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Review by John N.

New review of The Fallen Sun on Kobo:

A satisfying read and I look forward to more.

I enjoyed this story. We are presented with a complex, troubled society in a clearly artificial environment, and bit by bit the realities emerge. Some of the characters are initially frustrating, but that serves to show they have much to learn. and we get to follow them on their voyage of discovery. By unfolding the things we need and want to know about this world and it’s people slowly, the author leads you onward relentlessly, and this totally captured my imagination. There are telegraphed reveals, and surprises too. If you like lots of invention and narrative tension in a setting both familiar and yet odd, and don’t mind being in the dark some of the time, you’ll like The Fallen Sun.

— John N. on November 02, 2018

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Daniel Scott White

Photo courtesy Daniel White

Daniel White is a fascinating guy who lives in Taiwan. We’ve been friends for a few years now, and he always impresses me by his enthusiasm and energy. We’ve had many interesting discussions about writing, publishing and marketing.
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I’m featured in Sally’s Cafe!

Sally runs a great website called “Sally’s Cafe and Bookshelf” featuring new book releases and new authors, well worth a regular visit.

She’s put together a great piece on me and The Fallen Sun here.

Finding the right tools – Part 2

Part 2 of a series on choosing the right tools to help you write. And a lot of personal reminiscences.

Word Processing Software

If you’re as old as I am, you will remember how much of a breakthrough the development of word processing was for writers. Instead of having to laboriously retype a long draft of a novel, the first draft could be saved on some storage medium and then edited. If you’re a lot younger than me, then you’ll be wondering why there was anything remarkable about the idea. Of course you’ve always been able to edit your writing on screen! Well, not so.
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