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Month: January 2019

The Dark Lake – Sarah Bailey

The first novel from this Australian author. It’s a murder mystery set in the fictional location of Smithson, a small town in rural NSW. A young female teacher has been found dead on the shore of the town’s lake the night after a successful school production of a version of Romeo and Juliet which the teacher wrote and directed.
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The Second Cure – Margaret Morgan

Really good science fiction novel from this Australian author, set in the near future where the religious right has taken over Queensland and engineers the secession of the northern part of that state to create a new nation called Capricornia. Morgan makes this seem all too plausible.

At the same time, a virus is sweeping the world, spread by cats. The virus has major effects on the human brain, leading to a variety of effects including, in some, intense synesthesia.
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by David R. Grigg

Stephen lived amidst a crowd of faces.

There were faces everywhere he looked. Faces in the pattern of a dress; faces in the cracks in a brick wall; faces in the clouds, the trees, the grass. Oh, and of course, almost as an afterthought, there were the faces of people.

He had started seeing the faces when he was very young, so long ago now that he could not remember the beginning of it. He could only remember being afraid of the faces in the wallpaper of his bedroom, of his screams when the light fell on it in a certain way, and how the faces leered at him, threatening. Then it had been the carpet, its loops of colour turning into the faces of animals or demons or nameless horrors.
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