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Review by Gerald Smith

Gerald has some nice words to say about “The Fallen Sun” in his latest ANZAPA contribution. Some excerpts:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am very glad to have read it. The quote from Bruce [Gillespie]’s review that is used as the front cover blurb is very accurate, “A real winner…Unputdownable”… I literally read the last half of it in a little over an hour and a half.

David presents us with complex characters put in a situation that seems to be completely beyond their control, and which has spun out of control, and where the reader just can’t know how it will resolve.

A fine first novel and one that shows the effort of someone who has been polishing their writing skill for some time.

Our new podcast!

I recently started co-hosting a podcast with my friend Perry Middlemiss. We’re talking about the books we’ve been reading, the movies we’ve been watching, and just about anything else we want to discuss.

It’s called Two Chairs Talking, and you can listen to our episodes here.

A Peculiar Charge of Energy

What is fantasy, exactly? How is it different from other kinds of fiction? Where does it come from? Much better writers than myself have explored these questions over the decades, but they are still fascinating to pursue.

In a sense, all story-telling derives from the human urge to understand the world around us, and most importantly, our place within it. To understand ourselves and the human condition.
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Review of Fallen Sun by Bruce Gillespie

Writing in brg #104 (February 2019), Bruce Gillespie writes:

An author who understands the essence of good fiction is David Grigg, a Melbourne author and fan. He published a few YA novels in the mid 1970s in Australia, then was waylaid by Real Life for many years. Now he has retired, he has written The Fallen Sun, a slow-moving and very satisfactory novel set on a version of Earth, strangely altered. The book is based on us getting to know the characters through the difficult journeys they take. The feeling is melancholic although the story is told as a series of adventures.

Review of Unfit Magazine 2

Great review of Unfit Magazine, including some very nice words about my own story.


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