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Review of Fallen Sun by Bruce Gillespie

Writing in brg #104 (February 2019), Bruce Gillespie writes:

An author who understands the essence of good fiction is David Grigg, a Melbourne author and fan. He published a few YA novels in the mid 1970s in Australia, then was waylaid by Real Life for many years. Now he has retired, he has written The Fallen Sun, a slow-moving and very satisfactory novel set on a version of Earth, strangely altered. The book is based on us getting to know the characters through the difficult journeys they take. The feeling is melancholic although the story is told as a series of adventures.

The Sparrow – Mary Doria Russell

I hunted this up and read it based on a friend’s recommendation. He said it was probably the best “First Contact” story ever written.

It’s certainly a disturbing and thought-provoking account of first contact with an alien species, though the core of the story is one man’s relationship with God, and a head-on confrontation with the “Problem of Evil”.
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The Dark Lake – Sarah Bailey

The first novel from this Australian author. It’s a murder mystery set in the fictional location of Smithson, a small town in rural NSW. A young female teacher has been found dead on the shore of the town’s lake the night after a successful school production of a version of Romeo and Juliet which the teacher wrote and directed.
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The Second Cure – Margaret Morgan

Really good science fiction novel from this Australian author, set in the near future where the religious right has taken over Queensland and engineers the secession of the northern part of that state to create a new nation called Capricornia. Morgan makes this seem all too plausible.

At the same time, a virus is sweeping the world, spread by cats. The virus has major effects on the human brain, leading to a variety of effects including, in some, intense synesthesia.
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