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Review by Gerald Smith

Gerald has some nice words to say about “The Fallen Sun” in his latest ANZAPA contribution. Some excerpts:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am very glad to have read it. The quote from Bruce [Gillespie]’s review that is used as the front cover blurb is very accurate, “A real winner…Unputdownable”… I literally read the last half of it in a little over an hour and a half.

David presents us with complex characters put in a situation that seems to be completely beyond their control, and which has spun out of control, and where the reader just can’t know how it will resolve.

A fine first novel and one that shows the effort of someone who has been polishing their writing skill for some time.

Review of Fallen Sun by Bruce Gillespie

Writing in brg #104 (February 2019), Bruce Gillespie writes:

An author who understands the essence of good fiction is David Grigg, a Melbourne author and fan. He published a few YA novels in the mid 1970s in Australia, then was waylaid by Real Life for many years. Now he has retired, he has written The Fallen Sun, a slow-moving and very satisfactory novel set on a version of Earth, strangely altered. The book is based on us getting to know the characters through the difficult journeys they take. The feeling is melancholic although the story is told as a series of adventures.

Review by John N.

New review of The Fallen Sun on Kobo:

A satisfying read and I look forward to more.

I enjoyed this story. We are presented with a complex, troubled society in a clearly artificial environment, and bit by bit the realities emerge. Some of the characters are initially frustrating, but that serves to show they have much to learn. and we get to follow them on their voyage of discovery. By unfolding the things we need and want to know about this world and it’s people slowly, the author leads you onward relentlessly, and this totally captured my imagination. There are telegraphed reveals, and surprises too. If you like lots of invention and narrative tension in a setting both familiar and yet odd, and don’t mind being in the dark some of the time, you’ll like The Fallen Sun.

— John N. on November 02, 2018

Kobo link

Review by Derrick Ashby

Derrick Ashby just posted a nice review of The Fallen Sun on Goodreads:

This is an excellent book. It’s got interesting technology, good world building, a collection of characters that you care about, and some mysteries that keep you reading to the end.

“The Fallen Sun” is well worth reading, particularly if you like science-based science fiction.

Here’s a link to the full review on Goodreads.

Note that there are a few spoilers in the full review!

Review by Daniel White

Daniel White has posted a nice review on the Amazon page for my book. Thanks, Daniel!

This story is written in layers that unfold with every page turn. There is the social conflict going on between the clans. There is the internal conflict within the central characters. But what keeps you reading is the overriding question of what is really going on in this world of constant sunlight? How did they get there? There are early hints (no spoilers here) that it happens in the future. And early hints that things are happening in the dark. If you want to know more than that, you’ll have to read it yourself! It’s brilliant storytelling and I can’t wait to see the sequel.

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