I’m a writer and retired software developer who lives in Melbourne, Australia. I worked in the field of interactive multimedia for over two decades, and have also worked in public relations and as a journalist and sub-editor.

During the 1970s and 1980s, I was deeply involved in the science fiction fan community, publishing fanzines and helping organize SF conventions, eventually becoming Chairman of the 43rd World SF Convention held in Melbourne in 1985.

I was extremely fortunate to have attended the Writer’s Workshop held by Ursula Le Guin at Booth Lodge in 1975, an amazing and transformative experience.

I had several short stories published in professional magazines and anthologies during this period. These include:

“A Song Before Sunset” : in Beyond Tomorrow ed.
Lee Harding, 1977 NEL Books, London. This story was republished in Wastelands ed. John Joseph Adams, 2008, Night Shade Books, San Francisco.

“Crippled Spinner”, “Islands” in The Altered Eye ed. Lee Harding, 1978 Berkley Windover, New York.

“Deep Freeze” in Science Fiction Monthly, January 1976.

“To Speak of Many Things” in Galileo magazine #4, July 1977.

“The Ancient Seed” in Transmutations, ed Rob Gerrand, 1979 Outback Press, Melbourne, Australia.

“A Compassionate People” in Envisaged Worlds, ed Paul Collins, 1978 Void Publications, Melbourne Australia.

“The Twist of Fate” in Urban Fantasies, ed David King & Russell Blackford, 1985 Ebony Books, Melbourne Australia. This story was described by Bruce Gillespie, editor of SF Commentary as ‘one of the top ten Australian SF stories ever published’.

In 1976 I also had two short fantasy novels for pre-teens published by Cassell Australia. These were Halfway House, and a sequel, Shadows.

Since retiring a few years ago, I’ve returned to my old love of writing fiction. I’ve written more than 90 short stories in a variety of genres since 2011, as well as working hard on a science fiction novel. The short stories include:

“Rear Vision” in eFiction, December 2012.

“The Bronze King” in eFantasy, December 2012.

“The Great Circus Robbery” in eSteampunk, February 2013.

“Into the Night” in eSteampunk, April 2013.

“We, the Dead”, in Theme-Thology: Day I Died, 2014 HDWP Books.

“On the Cold Hill Side” in NovoPulp Anthology Volume I, 2014 by Hermit Press.

“The Miracle Cure” in NovoPulp Anthology Volume II, March 2015 by Hermit Press.

“The Golden City” in NovoPulp Anthology Volume III, November 2015 by Hermit Press.

“This Too, Too Solid Flesh” in Cadavers, edited by G. P. Stratford, 2014 by KnightWatch Press.

“No Direction Home” in The Art of Losing, edited by Daniel White, 2015 by Thinkerbeat Press.

“The Chisel’s Sharp Edge” in Short and Twisted 2014, edited by Kathryn Duncan, 2014 Celaphene Press.

“What Happened to Her Sisters” in eFiction, April 2016.

“In Need of Comfort” in eFiction, August 2016.

“Hungry is the Wolf” in Northlore: Mythos, edited by M.J.Kobernus, 2016 Nordland Publishing.

“In What Furnace Was Thy Brain?” in Antares Volume I, edited by David Grigg and M.J.Kobernus, 2016 Nordland Publishing.

My SF novel The Fallen Sun was published in September 2018.

My books are available for purchase here.

I now also co-host a podcast called Two Chairs Talking (opens in new window).