The Fallen Sun by David R. Grigg

…. well plotted sci fi with a fast pace, mindbending worldbuilding, a carefully realised culture, wicked but human villains, a plot with plenty of twists, and whatever else you could want in a sci fi adventure of the very far future. All the while, David Grigg slowly pulls the world itself into sharper and sharper focus. Like any good sci fi, the world itself is a character. … There are plenty of wow moments as you realise what is really going on. The familiar becomes strange, and the strange becomes familiar as the book goes on. The characters grow upon you, and their flaws become endearing. By the time they are fully tangled in the web of deceit, you’re rooting for them all the way, and turning pages frantically to find out: what next??

… had me spellbound–it blew my socks off, and I grudged my eating and sleeping time.

Jyoti Dahiya, 12 September 2018

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