The following Windows software is available for lovers of audiobooks.

Chapter Master

Chapter Master

Edit or add chapter stops and images to audiobook files for the iPad or iPhone, or create ‘enhanced podcasts’

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MarkAble is unfortunately no longer for sale.

After a lot of thought, I’ve reluctantly decided to remove MarkAble from sale. Support for existing customers will also be limited from now on to providing advice as there will be no further updates to the software itself.

The main reason for this decision is that Apple continue to make significant changes to their iTunes software, and more often than not these changes block MarkAble from working. I am no longer able to guarantee that MarkAble will work with each new version of iTunes.

My thanks to those who have purchased my software over the years, and my apologies for having to make this difficult decision.

However, if you are an existing MarkAble user and you need to download another copy of the installation, you can find it here: .

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