Tales of Hope, Humour and Heartbreak

Twenty-five short stories from David R. Grigg, exploring a variety of situations, characters and themes. Each story is charmingly illustrated by Robert Brunton OAM.

  • An old man struggling to survive on a meagre pension has an unexpected encounter with his past
  • Two policemen investigating a mysterious disappearance uncover a hidden tragedy
  • A professional car thief finds he has taken more than he bargained for
  • A photographer’s model inherits his collection, and with it some sad memories
  • A man contemplating suicide is unexpectedly saved by love
  • The widow of a soldier strives to overcome her loss and set her child on a safer path
  • The chance encounters of the passengers on a bus are full of mutual incomprehension
  • A woodwork teacher is driven mad by his lost love

These and other stories will delight and fascinate you.

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