Forty-three stories of speculation and fantasy by David R. Grigg, exploring the future and the past, the horrific, the humorous, the mysterious, the fantastic, and the merely disturbing.

  • Awakened from a terrible dream, a young woman strives to avoid a tragedy in real life.
  • Driving alone through the dark night, a photographer encounters extraordinary reminders of his dead wife.
  • A teenage boy sees faces everywhere he looks. He is always in the midst of a crowd. An ugly crowd.
  • A king driven mad by an ancient prophecy forces his queen to live in terror for their unborn child.
  • An old man, once a famous concert pianist, struggles to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • Two hikers crossing a moor come across an unexpected and ultimately terrifying obstacle.
  • An academic dismissed from his position encounters support from a very unusual source.
  • A wealthy industrialist thinks he has found a way to leave his troubles behind, but has he?
  • A young woman flees a collapsing civilisation, only to find herself in a harsher world, facing a terrible dilemma.

…these and many other stories will keep you thinking for days.

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