… had me spellbound – it blew my socks off…  — Jyoti Dahiya

A world where the sun never sets; where there is no day and no night; and where shadows never move. Beyond an oasis of light, the freezing outer darkness stretches far away.

In this strange environment we follow the stories of three remarkable young people.

Together, these three must struggle to save their world. And in saving it, they change it and themselves forever.

Here’s what Bruce Gillespie, editor of the award-winning critical magazine SF Commentary says about it:

“A real winner… Unputdownable…

I found the characters instantly interesting, and the novel keeps on delivering surprises that undermine one’s expectations about the world they live in. And the landscape itself remains very vivid and interesting…

If any novel deserves the top awards in the YA category, it is this one.”

Other nice words about the book here.

Kindle Kindle version available through the Amazon Kindle Store for USD $2.99.
Paperback Paperback version (400 pages) available from Amazon and from Barnes & Noble for USD $18.00. Also available at Book Depository for USD $26.20 (but with free shipping).

Note that Australian readers may save money on the paperback version by ordering direct from the author (AUD $25.00 + $12.50 shipping via Australia Post). Contact us if you want more than one copy or require shipping outside of Australia.